Saturday, February 20, 2010

How to break a jinx?

Now, I am really sick of wearing many tags. Those tags make me feel bad. They showcase all the evil things about myself. Sometimes, I ask myself, "For how long you want to remain like this? Lazy! Emotional!" I even tell myself, "You're a loser!" But I seem not to give a damn to these hurls meant to bring me back to my state of consciousness. I am easily get hooked to many stupid things. Facebooks, YM and entertainments. Geez! I have to kick all these habits away. I am not worth of the great respect and admiration shown by my students at SMK. Methodist. I am still searching my true self. I want to unleash my full potential. Heaven, please help me! I want changes to take place within my own microcosm! The obstacle is myself! Heaven, help me to conquer my own feelings, thoughts and actions!

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