Friday, November 20, 2009

Teslians of UPSI for 2006-2010 Cohort.

We attended our practicum briefing just now. When the briefing ended, it also marked the end of our current academic days at UPSI, at least for this semester. It was quite a poignant moment for me as once again I had to part with my friends from this alma mater, especially my TESL friends.

My course mates have taught me many things directly and indirectly. In fact, I have learned at least one thing from everyone of them. Thus, everyone of them is my angel. As I am probably not going to meet some of them, I would like to tell them that I love all of them. I am sorry that sometimes I let my friends down. I used to oppose what my friends had planned to do. I am really sorry about that. I hope I am forgiven.

Last but not least, I want to dedicate the song composed by Pete Teo and vocalized by Atilia titled Angel to all of my TESL friends. This song is also one of the theme songs in the locally produced movie, Talentime.


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