Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fcuk Godot? Why?

Why I can only crush to somebody but nobody will give me their love?
Can someone tell me who on earth likes me? I mean likes me romantically?
Why I was born not good looking, poor, not intelligent and with no strong work ethics?
Why others were born with silver spoons in their mouths but I was born a pauper?
Fcuk Godot! Yes, you do not read it wrongly. I say fcuk Godot!
Call me an atheist, but I want to voice everything from my heart.
I want to voice out what is on my mind.
Why Godot is not being fair and square with me?
If disparities happen in this world, all these were created by Godot
If people are being treated badly, all these were caused by Godot
Why? Why Godot did not allow all human beings to be born equal?
If one was born poor, everyone should be born poor.
If one was born rich, everyone should be born rich.
Godot is the chief cause of all the calamities on this planet called Earth.
FCUK GODOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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