Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Malaysia: The Land of Fallacies and Myths.

I believe that this land is not only rich in tales but more that. Let me elaborate on this in the chronology of time. First, it is written in Malay Annals (Sejarah Melayu) that the founder of the Sultanate of Malacca was originated from Bukit Siguntang, Palembang. The founder of this kingdom is also said to be a descendant of Alexander the Great, the great conqueror from Macedonia. Wow! This simply means that some rulers in this country are descended from Alexander the Great. In that case, one of my lecturers, a royalty herself can also claim that Alexander is her forefather. Omigosh! I am quite puzzled! Alexander is a Greek, is not he? But then, Tun Seri Lanang believed to be the author of Malay Annals claims that the Malay rulers of Sultanate of Malacca were descended from Alexander and this could also mean that some present rulers in Malaysia are from the lineage of Alexander. Please note that they are Malays. Perhaps who knows that they are the genuine diasporic offspring of Alexander the Great or Iskandar Zulkarnain. Even some scholars are not agreeable that Alexander and Iskandar are actually the same person.

Second, the ancient Chinese Kingdom of Ming had made the ancient Malaccan Kingdom as its protectorate. China through Admiral Zheng He actually warned the then Siamese King to stop harassing Malacca. The Siamese Kingdom was the only threat to the Malaccan Kingdom when the latter started to set its foot in the region of South East Asia. After Sultan Mansur Syah married to Princess Hang Li Poh, the princess requested the sultan to send regards to her father, the then emperor of China. At first, Sultan Mansur was reluctant fearing that something bad would happen to the emperor. He believed that he was the sovereign ruler and thus by sending regards to other kingdoms would result the latter to face the ill consequences or tulah (a curse). After that, the sultan did extend his regards to his father-in-law, the emperor. Guess what? The emperor got a weird sickness after that. The only remedy to cure his sickness was the sultan’s air basuh kaki. Eventually, the emperor got healed after bathing with the leftover water used to be washed Sultan Mansur Syah’s feet. Wow! The then Malacca was protected by China. But the Chinese emperor whose kingdom was a lot greater than the sultan’s kingdom had to get the tulah. Even the existence of Hang Li Poh is disputable. Is Hang Li Poh a fictitious character in the Malay Annals? A few years back, it was revealed that actually four of the five warriors by the names of Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekir and Hang Lekiu were Chinese. Omigosh! Historians are jokers. If Herodotus, the father of history were still breathing, I hope he will kick all these so-called historians’ asses.

Third, many will be surprised that Bruce Lee, the guy who kicks asses on the screen had actually been defeated by Dato’ Meor Abdul Rahman and Dicky Zulkarnain before his death. I am not sure whether these defeats are true or not. But, before we blindly believe things like this, please note that these are not beyond the reasonable doubt. When you read about how Dato’ Meor was born, you will be questioning on most of the accounts on his birth. Can you believe that Dato’ Meor’s was the twin of a worm? You can google on his birth accounts to find out more on this. Besides, there are two versions of tales on how Bruce Lee was defeated by the Mahaguru of Silat Gayong. Regarding of the claim that Dicky Zulkarnain has actually beaten Bruce Lee, this so-called fact is also a doubt. In fact, Dicky once claimed that he was not the one who had beaten Bruce Lee. Instead, he said that Mahaguru Meor was the one who had actually defeated Bruce.

Fourth and last, I have heard that the most profitable business around is owned by churches. These churches through their priests give sermons saying that one should be cheerful in offering tithes to the church one attends to. I once attended a church in which its people used to preach that you would earn a hundred-fold when you gave cheerfully. They collected money to build a new church building. I am not sure how much the construction of that church did cost. But, the number of that sum should be in seven figures. The church was fully constructed in year 2001. Recently, this church was collecting for another building fund from Christians who attended that church. Their target for that fund was RM 15 million. I am not sure whether the present church is going to be re-sized or another church building is going to be constructed. But, I do hope that religious institutions will not be corrupted and unscrupulous especially big sums of money are concerned.

In conclusion, let me stress that this is not an academic piece of writing and thus it does not comply with the academic protocol. So issues on citations and quotations shall not arise from this writing. The partial piece of this writing contains some of my opinions which could be true and untrue depending on how one perceives this writing. So, discretion and wisdom are needed to evaluate this writing.

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