Monday, April 19, 2010

Sick of faulty English

Why people keep using English words they are not sure of their meanings? Can they even look up those words in a dictionary before using them? Some of them are even pig-headed. Even if you try to correct them, they still think that they are right. Heck! If they do not have faith in me, the least they can do is to verify whether or not my words are correct. They can refer to any dictionary if they do not trust me. Some people use the verb 'improvise' wrongly. They think that to improvise is to improve. 'Improvise' means to make or do something using whatever is available as written in the Oxford Advanced Learner's dictionary. Other people do not even know how to distinguish between the meanings of 'post' and 'pose'. You do not write "Teacher posts a question to students". You should use the verb 'poses' instead of 'posts' in that sentence. That's all for now. It's time for supper. Bye.

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