Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Everyone has to face the day

It happened that I was inspired to produce this entry. The saying as written above makes sense for many situations. Eg:

Everyone has to enter his/her new day
Everyone also has to face his/her death

Everyone has his/her birthday
Everyone also has his/her sad day

Every working individual will receive his/her pay on his payday
Every working individual also looks forward for a holiday

Every student will have his/her exam day
Every student definitely looks for a holiday

Every undergraduate looks forward for his/her graduation day
Every undergraduate hands in his/her assignment on that fixed day

Every student teacher waits for the observation day.
Every student teacher absolutely waits for a holiday

Every bridegroom/bride-to-be waits eagerly for his/her wedding day
Every bridegroom/bride-to-be also waits for his/her wedding registration day

And the lines go on until...

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