Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Nature of Quick Temper

I once threw a bunch of keys on my laptop keyboard and the keys bounced and hit the LCD screen of my laptop. It cost me a laptop and I had to buy another laptop. The whole incident was indirectly caused by my classmate who kept igniting my feeling of hatred towards him. I do admit that my jealousy towards him was the chief cause behind this feeling of hatred.

A few months back, there was a day at night, upon learning that a girl I used to like had a boyfriend, I smashed a mirror into pieces. I was upset. Why didn’t she tell me about her status and her availability earlier? Why did she give me a false hope by letting me keep her company in Kuala Lumpur on a Saturday evening? Why did she accept my Valentine gift? All these questions came across my mind when I became insane that night. I’m glad this feeling of crush has lost its appeal and I don’t have to see her again.

Last night, I was pissed as a workmate of mine urged me to send two plates of cooked food to some customers quickly in such a rude way. Everyone knows how I work at my workplace. I was not intended to slow down sending the food to the customers. I only wanted to check what the two plates of food were because they looked almost the same even though they were not. I did not talk to her that night. As she happened to tap her palm on my shoulder, I pushed her palm away. Fuck that bitch!

After I went back from work, I could not help yelling at another workmate whose current residence is same as mine. We stay at a hostel rented by our boss. This stupid Filipino disturbed and distracted my friend and I who were watching musical video clips by trying to imitate loudly the sound of a man singing a song played on my laptop. But only before I was about to post this entry, we shook our hands as a sign to forget the friction that we had.

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